Brand Story

The Curtain is Now Opened
for The Era of Our Hope.

With the soul of agriculture, we realized the life of culture creativity.

Green-in-hand seems, feels and tastes as agricultural produce, but on the other hand, sales not only agricultural produce. Since 2006, through plain white rice that is so common in ordinary life, with all our strength, we started to deliver and present the fundamental value of it, is actually the Taiwanese lifestyle. This includes historical and cultural weathered, geographical condition, cultural influential senses, and most importantly, the friendly attitude Taiwanese hold towards the land.

Let’s just say that Green-in-hand is a brand sales Taiwanese lifestyle through the real agricultural produce comes from the land, which might not be the same size, perfect or regardless.

We take agricultural produce not onlyas food to satisfy our mouth and stomach, but also the creation from land after nature and human share some emotional interaction.

It is a fact that can’t be ignored, that most ancient civilizations, have occurred in the basin on both river sides. That is because that kind of lands are capable of nurture the human diet, which is the initial of agriculture. This is also the reason why our hieroglyphics start from insects, fish, birds, animals, sun, moon, mountains and rivers. We have carved our commitment in time of universe that we will stay with the nature forever. Agriculture is the natural culture, and our creativity source.

We groped for a long time, trying to create a new paradise from this precious value. Finally, we established Green-in-hand a publisher that publishes the works of agricultural workers. Farmers concentrate on their harvest each season, just as is it a writer’s responsibility for the cultivation of text. As for the design of packaging and marketing, there is a professional team with warm hearts to handle. The producers that paying the labor is still the owner of food. This is our belief of "agriculture benefits our country”.

A long road dedicates to distance. Now is just the beginning of our journey.

Green-in-hand is to call and to bless,
is also our commitment to the land and people practicing life.

In June 6, 2006, suddenly foehn was lifted off the coast for a whole afternoon, and it was 36 degrees Celsius.

This day last year, is a drizzling day
that had been rainy continuously for several days.

This day two years ago, clear sky.
A cool breeze came out from the valley in the evening.

This day next year, we don’t know what will happen.

Farming keeps the record of nature’s resolution
shown inadvertently in the produce’s flavor.

You will never encounter the same flavor, never again.

One day, I suddenly realized that farming is a kind of coincidence that takes place on the fields. Day after day and year after year, we’ll never have the same result again. Just like life, faming is also impermanent. While enjoying food on the dining table, is the mark and wisdom that nature carved deeply on the ingredients tasted by us?

Just like on the day of June 6, rice grains recorded the resolution of the 36-degree-foehn with distinct sweetness.

In September, the rice flowers of the second farming period will be waiting for autumn wind, and be ready for pollination. If the wind comes, it’s a story, and if the wind doesn’t, it’s another. Farming could be both romantic and cruel. Famers standing by the fields listening to the wind, trying to farm along the nature's temper and make every rice grain, fruit and vegetable with precious value. Have we received it while eating?

So this is the wind lifted by the nature. While Haruki Murakami wrote “Hear the wind sing” ( 風の歌を聴け ), and George Winston played “All the Seasons”. Gifted farmers, on the other hand, captured the imperfection caused by the nature and make an accidental produce. Normal people like us, when standing in the wind, probably can only say silly things like: “Wow, what a chilling breeze.”

Thus, we start our journey,
swearing that we’ll be the crucial minority.

The result of majority ruling, is no changing and no improvement.

This is a journey of discovery kicked off by the oath of “be the crucial minority”. We are going to visit every part of Taiwan, and look for talented famers and their classical produce that will never repeat again. We want to share this precious flavor with tasting buds that appreciate. Furthermore, we are going to deliver the praise and expectation for food to Gods.

If we take oath to a land, the beginning of that kind of oath, is only because of LOVE.

Applause, for people, events and objects in Taiwan
that still stay beautiful.