The offspring of the Farmer God,
presents the rice with confidence.

Hundreds of years ago, here was the fighting ground of Hakkaese and natives for water and land.
Hundreds of years later, here is a De-Gau mountain village that these two groups of people guard together. The villagers have been growing rice here for over a hundred years.

This village, with 90% of its population grow rice, is safely guarded in the east side of Taiwan. It lies between coast mountain and central mountain and thus avoided weather disasters. In the mountain village, the south wind blows in the same direction as one century ago. Their ancestors build and maintained water dame then. Now, a farmer Mr. Fan groups local farmers to build rice miller and produces good rice with rice grower’s heart.

You may find the fact in the file of Administration of Grain, that rice of De-Gao was exclusively for the Emperor of Japan during the Japanese colonial era.

Mr. Fan blends out the most delicious bow of rice he believes, by choosing the good-quality rice that every voice gives praise from East Rift Valley with his farming experience passed on in his family from one generation to the next.

Just as people have different personalities, so does rice. Advantages and disadvantages of different varieties of rice are not the same. In this pack of rice, there are the sweet and chewy texture from Kaohsiung 139, the softness and fresh fragrance from Taikeng No. 2, and the full and mellow from Taikeng No. 9. You’ll even find a hint of floral and fruity scent that appears right after the harvest every summer, and that is the feature of Tainung 71. We get to have a taste of the sum of happiness, for each of them contributed their advantages, and the result is a perfect combination of taste and texture.

This is a pack of fine rice recommended by Green in Hand for new customers. After tasting this rice, you will realize that Taiwan's rice has quietly absorbed the sweet, harmony and beauty of ethnic integration for over 100 years.

Mr. Rice 1.5kg
  • Product Name
    Mr. Rice
  • Description
    Planted safely with less pesticide in a century-old rice field
  • Grown and made by
    By The Fan Family
  • Grown and made in
    Degao, Taitung, Taiwan
  • Varieties
    A blend of fine rice from East Rift Valley, including Taikeng No. 4, Taitung No. 30, Kaohsiung 139...
  • Source of irrigation water
    The headwaters of central Range-Sinwulyu River
  • Way of husking rice
    The production process employs low-temperature storage to maintain the freshness, as well as a rice miller that is dust-free sanitary managed.
  • Storage
    For this is a product from the nature, the best way of storage is to put it into your stomach within 2 months for the best flavor. If you can’t finish it within 2 months, please put it in the refrigerator.
  • How to cook
    New rice contains more water than old rice so please don not add too much water when cooking. The maximum ratio is 1 cup:1 cup among rice and water. This way you can get the best springy taste.
  • Weight and volume
    1.5kg±1.5%/ Length 12cm Width 8cm Height 13.5cm
  • Quality standard
    CNS 2nd Degree
  • Special instructions
    Mr. Rice producer passed ISO22000 exam and fit international agricultural control regulations. It established a well GAP with the condition of product safety, agricultural environment sustainability, as well as the employee health.