Be awkward for the truthfulness. Eating in the land’s energy.

Only a life that is unrefined and not pure-white can make you feel the texture.

The quiet mountain village once produced rice specifically for Japan Emperor. The Hsin-Wu-Lu creek that empowers the rice is still one of the two unpolluted rivers in Taiwan. The sweet cold water cut through the central ridge and flow into the rice field directly.

A hundred years ago versus a hundred years later, the village differs only in terms of water, electricity, a train rail, and a convenient store. It has never been glorious thus never lonesome when things turned around. It maintained the happiness from satisfaction, and an inner wealth that opens for one’s interpretation.

The spirit of Mr. Fan is to combine farmer’s heart and effort, blend a few species in a special ratio, and gently mill the rice with low pressure, to preserve the sun and nature that the rice absorbed. There will be only one time of grounding with no whitening. Nature fiber is thus maintained.

Truthful Rice【Brown Rice】1.5 kg
  • Product Name
    Truthful Rice【Brown Rice】
  • Description
    Planted safely with less pesticide in a century-old rice field
  • Grown and made by
    By The Fan Family
  • Grown and made in
    Degao, Taitung, Taiwan
  • Varieties
    A blend of fine rice from East Rift Valley, including Taikeng No. 4, Taitung No. 30, Kaohsiung 139...
  • Source of irrigation water
    The headwaters of central Range-Sinwulyu River
  • Way of husking rice
    The production process employs low-temperature storage to maintain the freshness, as well as a rice miller that is dust-free sanitary managed.
  • Storage
    The brown rice contains natural oil, thus best to keep in your stomach. If you really can’t finish them, please keep in the refrigerator for about two weeks the longest.
  • How to cook
    Remember to soak the brown rice first for 1-2 hours after washing. New rice contains more water than old rice so please don not add too much water when cooking. The maximum ratio is 1 cup:1 cup among rice and water. This way you can get the best springy taste.
  • Weight and volume
    1.5kg±1.5%/ Length 12cm Width 8cm Height 13.5cm
  • Quality standard
    CNS 2nd Degree

    Product Patent No. D141610