Rubbing the tea with the memory of the flowers'scent and the water's softness in the mountains.
Kneading the tea for the youth of unfinished branches and leaves.

Tea has been in China for several thousands of years. Between years 1960 to 1970, the technique of Tuan-Cha (the process of rubbing and kneading the tea leaves) has started a new story of our Taiwan tea culture. Tea has proven Taiwan to be a country of wealth and manners.
The mist and cloud by the mountains, along with the dense smoke drifting after the rain, have turned Taiwan Mountain Oolong into a precious art piece among the world of tea. It never conform the unity but often present you with profound variations. The tea lovers rub it in the hands until it become small rounds, only to spend a little bit more time with its grace and scent, and to make the tea even harder to be forget.

Every spring and every winter, Taiwan Mountain Oolong germinates to one-tip-two-leaves, and departs its branches during its flourishing youth. Days and nights, the tea servers keep their eyes on the tealeaves, in order to capture the precise moment right before the leaves wilt, and fix the scent. It then gently contents the scent in the leaves among the swinging greens. Yes indeed, the service establishes the art sense of Taiwanese tea. Since then, Taiwanese tea is no longer the medicine for drifters’ home-sick, no longer just workers’ drink in the field, no longer merely for people to solve the thirst, but a lead to the sweet dream of a beautiful life.

We followed the thread from the co-operation of time, nature, and human, and pleasantly surprised to identify the beauty of the culture. Let’s use the “kneading” to start a new chapter of Taiwanese tea : rub-in the tenderness of our hands, extend-out the affection in the hotness. Those are the design concept of the package for the series of Taiwan classic tea section.

We’ve put together a simple instruction for people to prepare a pot of good tea, and let our words travel among the leaves. When a tea-drinker opens the box, the tea-servers’ regards surfaces. The youth of the tea then transform to a slice of easiness at the bottom of the glass.

The Tatung mountain 1,600 meters above sea level is the home of Li-mountain tea.
The tea tree is surrounded by plenty of mist and accompanied by coniferous forest. The handsome and elegant breathings are all imprinted on the leaves.

Tuan Cha
Lishan Oolong
  • Product Name
    Tuan Cha series-Lishan Oolong
  • Description
    The scent of the tea is the product of happiness generated from the power of the sky, the caretaking of the land, and the will of the mankind.
  • Origin
    Lishan group of mountains-Datong mountain top
  • Tea breed
    Qingxin Oolong
  • Taste and flavor
    Slightly bitter woody undercurrent but the aftertaste is definitely sweet. It is recommended to who often drink Oolong tea and love the aroma of fruits.
  • Contents
  • Weight and volume
    37.5g/ Length 7cm Width 7cm Height 7cm