Meet the Hepburn girl who is having an ice cream. Encounter the sweet elegance and keep the tender memory.
She is Cinnamomum Honey of 2015.

Honey Products Classified by Green In Hand
Visiting many bee farmers island wide, we’d found various virtuosic farmers who have brilliant skills and cord-touching mindsets to differentiate those bee-farming arts in their ways. Hence we summarize a product list with classified features for your hearty choice.

Natural Ripening
This traditional art craft of bees can be a cultural heritage of world.
Deep inside the remote forest preservative areas, bees are taking the mission to reactivate the circles of life for many creatures, despite the threat of climate change, they are guarding many original species on this island. It requires the body heat and fluttering by thousands of bees for a period of time to dehumidify the honey, then sealing those natural forces with wax to accomplish the ripening process.

Blooming Harvest
It is the heartwarming souvenir brought by bees when they have field trips.
During the blooming season, the bee farmers take bees to pay ecological trips over all the remote forests, gardens and grass lands. This anniversary is to celebrate the reunion with fruit trees and herb healers, also to preserve the splendid flavors under the low-temperature in time.

● The Secrets series: secrets about Honey.

Variants of Taiwanese honey are selected and solidly packed with the hand-crafted paper boxes in earth-tone colors. Kraft paper acts like the earth which cultivates millions of plants and corps on it. The manual with doodling illustration represents the language of honey bees, the narrations about origins of floral/herbal plants also reveal the spirits of authentic honey.

Green In Hand provides you all the facts and stories about honey, ecologically, industrially, and how they enter your life. This sweet exploration is going inwards, it becomes a private sharing between the earth and you.

This private sharing would be spread by you to your friends, by parents to their children, by Taiwanese to the world: The authentic and precious honey we should all be proud of is taking you to an outer fair place with its exquisite flavor!

● When Green-In-Hand first met Cinnamomum Honey.

The Spring God arrives on the tree top gently, while the east wind lingers. The wild Cinnamomum tree decides to flower so everyone knows the spring is here.

The smile of spring we indulge, and love crystallized into loyalty. We put on laurel to celebrate our eternal commitment, and write another story about Cupid being so naughty.

In the dimming March, the bay flowered and died. The flavor and smell of this season is preserved in this milky yellow jar of sweet honey. Cinnamomum Honey in the Garden of Gods is a rare naturally matured honey in present Taiwan. It is a kind of honey that hasn’t been processed additionally to make the water in it.

Cinnamomum Honey
  • Product Name
    Naturally Ripened Cinnamomum Honey
  • Description
    Naturally ripened wild cinnamomum honey in 2015
  • Produced by
    Mr. Wang
  • Gathered from
    Yuchi, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Variety
    Taiwan original cinnamon
  • Storage
    About 5 years. Please put in shady places. Using dry spoons and avoid moisture. Honey actually can be stored for a quite long time.
  • Weight and volume
    250g / Length 8cm Width 8cm Height 8.5cm
  • Quality standard
    SGS authenticity proven. Antibiotic free.
    Amylase 33.4 proven by TÜV Rheinland, meets National Standard Amylase up to 8 and above.