What is passed by, will be the scenery of life.

Time has passed by, yet left it’s view of back to us.
What was once pungent, will be sweet after ferment.
To what had happened in 2012, with the alcohol concentration 38%

This is a respectful pot of wine. The agriculture with such a long and rich cultural history, it is inevitable for it to make wine that is as pure and clean as water.

Legend has it that 7,000 years ago, by the sides of the Yellow River that are fertilized by the rapid flooding, Shennong, the Farmer’s God, was given five colors and nine grain seeds. This is when agriculture developed Chinese civilization in the bless of heaven and earth. All politic and economic activities were developed on the base of agriculture. A ear of 9 kinds of grain with five colors is the seed of food culture. Wine was mostly made with grain. If it is a year with good harvest, then let’s make wine. If not, a kind king would always make sure his people have enough food first. In all food, rice needs the most delicate care. In comparison to other grain, rice is much more distinguished. In ancient era, only the emperors can have rice wine, while his vassals will be served grain wine.

Chinese brewing technology is very advanced. There are two things special about it in comparison of the western one, one is the invention of yeast, and the other is distillation. These are the basic conditions to make Taiwanese rice distilled spirit so beautiful. No matter it is in the Shang dynasty 3000 years ago, or in Taiwan which has been only a little more than 300 years, it is the best work in the beginning of winter to harvest the wine of respect made from blessed crops, and put it into bottles sealed with credit. The most tempting reward will be opening a nice bottle of vintage wine. This is the reason why Green in Hand, who has the fine rice of Taiwan, wants to reach our hands in this field.

It is Green in Hand’s duty to concentrate on our duty. We also observe the precursors’ contribution and appreciate their credit. We absorb and learn from their experiences. Wu-Feng Farmers Winery is the one we wish to pay our gratitude to. It was founded in 2005, and has not slacked for one day ever since. The Winery Director said with a smile: “There will be no paying back for our investment, yet we still have to do it, so the next generation and beyond gets to elaborate and harvest.” This is the spirit of the revolutionaries, knowing the sacrifice will have to be made, yet are still willing to move forward with a smile. Seven years ago, a special chance brought the Winery and Ph.D. Hiroi Tadao together, who is the Ph.D. of Agriculture, University of Tohoku, Niigata, Japan, and has also won dozens of gold medal in Grand Prix. Doctor taught the winery everything he knows about how to make Daiginjuo, and took two technicians of the winery back to Japan for them to do more leaning and research. Every year during brewing season, Doctor Hiroi Tadao still visit Taiwan and direct the winery. The way they being around each other is not like ordinary colleagues, the feelings shared between them are more than between the mentor and apprentices. They treat each other as their families.

From the special technology of brewing sake, the winery has accumulate and progress its experience in the field of distilled liquor. In 2012, it was awarded the Gold Medal of international liquor held by the most prestigious German MUNDUS VINI International Liquor Society and stunned the whole world. Green in Hand decided to applause loud and hard for this glorious honor. Thus, in the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, we collaborate with Wufeng and introduce this two year old rice wine, Fortune, to salute to Wu-Feng Farmers Winery.

Fortune. What is passed by, will be the scenery of life.

As time goes by, our youth will not come back, and stories will only stay in our memories. Each rear view we see when time turn its back to us, is the view of splendid life for us Storage in our memories. We look back on what had happened in 2012, and edit it with regret or not ten years later, to make it the best taste to go with Fortune. Imagine this, ten years later, that’s if you can resist the urge of opening the bottle, while looking back on the good old times with it, you will find that bygones are not bygones, it will answer you with the most magnificent strong taste of life in your throat. It is the nectar we exchange with time. During both brewing and distilling, from the moment we deal with time, it becomes the youth of no return.

From now on, Green in Hand and Wu-Feng Farmers Winery will collect and brew every ten years to look back for you.

For no one can make the youth stay. Young people have got nothing to worry about. Do not drink if you are under 18.

Do not drive after drinking, for your own safety.

Fortune 700ml
Something you have to know about Fortune
  • Product name
  • Product description
    Distilled 100% from 20102 Wu-feng CNS 1st degree rice
  • Made by
    Wufeng Farmers Winery
  • Made in
    Wufeng, Taichung, Taiwan
  • Made with
    Yi-Chuan fragrant rice and rice east
  • Alcohol Concentration
  • Volume
  • To store
    Please place in shades and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Product size
    Tall 27.5cm/ Bottle top Diameter 2.5cm/ Bottle bottom Diameter 8cm
  • Quality standard
    Examined by SGS food laboratory and passed
  • About tasting
    Better to chill before drinking, and finish the bottle as soon as possible after opened.
  • Special Note
    Do not drink if you are under 18. It will damage your health to consume too much alcohol. Do not drive after drinking, for your own safety.