Let's start. Bon Appétit!

Luxury Karasumi, glows with the perfect shine.
It is always the center of attention at family dinner, or the glorious dish at wedding dinners.
Brought to you from Kouhu, Yunlin, the Karasumi goes down to your stomach ever so smoothly.

Millions of years ago, as the Eurasia Plate collided with the Philippine Sea Plate, it coincidentally created the mountains in Taiwan as we know today.

In the mountains, an ancient species of timber known as the Formosan Cypress was discovered. The chopsticks that we know and love today were initially created with the Cypress pieces from construction leftovers in the early days. They were handmade and unembellished, yet original and made with great quality.

We would like to share with you that, chopsticks are not just a set of utensils, they are also a significant part of our 5000-year old culinary arts, made with the 30 million-year old Formosan Cypress. Now let’s put them to use and enjoy this great meal!

The golden Karasumi
  • Product Name
    Green in Hand Formosan Cypress Chopsticks Set
  • Product description
    Handmade with natural Formosan Cypress
  • Distributor
    Green in Hand Food Bank. Co., Ltd.
  • Origin
    Chiayi city, Taiwan
  • Material
    Formosan Cypress
  • Dimensions
    22.8cm/ 8.9 inches
  • Tips
    1. The Green in Hand Formosan Cypress Chopsticks Set is not artificially painted, therefore it darkens with washes. Don't panic. It’s normal.

    2. Please hand wash the chopsticks and air dry. Ideally avoid using dishwashers as the chopsticks may fracture.

    3. If the chopsticks do fracture, please do not use them as toothpicks or forks.

    4. Never use them as darts or weapons.

    5. As the chopsticks are made in limited quantities, please use them with love.