What a wonderful you

Besides applauding, cheering is also a must.

You have no idea how difficult you are. For you insist the high stander and burn fully for your ideal.
You have no idea how high your stander is. For your sight is focused on the goal far away that you keep moving toward to.
There is one thing you must know, and that is how brilliant you are that worth us cheer loud and applaud hard.

Because of your courage and perseverance, the storm eventually became scenery, and the road is opened in the middle of desolate land.
Here we present the glory of recognition by awarding 3 times to you.
This will be the full tank of gas and full heart of courage for us to keep going straight ahead with you.

About getting awards, for you, who is not afraid to be different.

About getting awards
  • Product Name
    About getting awards
  • Description
    Classical Packaging: Mr. Rice, 2010 Gold of Taiwan Cultural and Creative Award, 2011 Best Design of German Red Dot, and 2011 Most Influential in Asia Design and 2012 Designing Award of Japan Good Design
    Yey! Let’s have tea!: Taiwan Oolong,
    In the Garden of Gods: Bay Honey: 2012 Best Design of German Red Dot

    We tell the story of Taiwan to the world with these 3 prize winning products. We would also like to deliver this courage to everyone to keep cheering and applauding for brilliant Taiwan spirit.
  • Grown and made by
    Mr. Rice: The Fan family in Degao, Taitung
    Chairman’s Love Song: Mr. Yao-Jing Lin in Luye, Taitung
    Bay Honey: Mr. Wang in Yuchi, Nantou
  • Grown and made in
    Mr. Fan: 100% Degao, Taitung
    Chairman’s Love Song: 100% Luye, Taitung
    Bay Honey: 100% Yuchi, Nantou
  • Rice Varieties
    A combination of fine Japonica Rice from Taitung.
  • Spring Tea Varieties
    Jinxuan. This is the green tea from the beginning of spring of 2013. It has the milk fragrance that usually doesn’t exist in green tea. The tea color is crystal gold and the taste is delightful and mellow
  • Honey Varieties
    There are origin bay flower in the high mountain of Nantou. This rare naturally- matured honey is a limited collection for each bee has to fly 450 thousand km to make 1 kg.
  • Product Stander
    Mr. Rice Classical Package 1.5kg
    Chairman’s Love Song:: 30g (10 tea bags)
    Bay Honey: 400g, total weight 2KG±1.5%
    Gift Box: Lenth 37.5cm, Width 18.5cm, Height 11cm.
  • Customized Service
    Please phone us for customized gift box service.
    +886-2-27237511 ext.55