Congratulating the happy
occasion on the blossom spring day
with flowers of Gods.

A generation of wealth and flowers started the family happily. The gift is not heavy but the meaning is solid! Wedding in all four seasons can have its own colors.

We know that you have so many people to thank. We also know that you are busting with joy.
We totally know that the great wishes from others are blossoming like thousands of flowers.
How to receive and express all this greeting and gratitude?
Recommendation from Green In Hand, the best way to deliver your appreciation is the way through one’s throat.

Weight: Solid as real gold, 1.5kg
Containment: Together Rice to wish you a wealthy life.
Price: Love forever. NT$520.

Optional tags of “Happiness”, “Fortune”, “Full” are available upon request. Please call us after purchase to confirm the requirement.

Best wishes on your Wedding 1.5kg
  • Product Name
    Best wishes on your wedding / Mr. Rice
  • Product Feature
    Planted safely with less pesticide in a century-old rice field
  • Grown and made by
    The Fan Family
  • Grown and made in
    Degao, Taitung, Taiwan
  • Varieties
    A blend of fine rice from East Rift Valley, including Taikeng No. 2, Taikeng No. 9, Tainung No. 71, Kaohsiung 139 and 145.
  • How to cook
    New rice contains more water than old rice so do not add too much water in cooking. Maximum ratio is 1:1 (water vs rice) and you can have chewy mouthful rice.
  • Storage
    For this is a product from the nature, the best way of storage is to put it into your stomach within 2 months for the best flavor. If you can’t finish it within 2 months, please put it in the refrigerator.
  • Way of husking rice
    Produced in low temperatures to preserve the freshness. The miller has the dust-free sanitary management safety certification.
  • Weight and volume
    1.5kg±1.5%/ Length 13cm Width 7cm Height 18cm
  • Quality standard
    CNS 2nd Degree
  • Special Note
    New rice breaths. On the table side, it will disperse light rice scent as orchid. New rice has full water containment and fresh. The soup from making the congee is sweet and nutritive.
  • Customized Service
    Please phone us for customized gift box service. +886-2-27237511 ext.55
  • Special instructions
    Mr. Rice miller has ISO 22000 certificate and fulfill international agricultural control regulation. It established good agricultural convention in terms of food safety, agricultural environment continuity and employee health. Patent no. D141610