Reveal your truthfulness after drinking, on those that you wanted to say but reluctant to.

No past, no now.

Some words are best to be said, but some words needs to be said with alcohol. In the line of time, there are always some carvings of past that was once now.

So let us bold you and accompany you to look back the past.
300ml, with two bottles in one box.
Invite you to write truthful words from your heart, 3 lines.

A portion of heart, two portions of wine, 3 portions of drunkenness.
Come and let’s salute to the past we’ve been through.

Don’t drink and drive to ensure safety.

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Reveal your truthfulness
  • Product Name
    Reveal your truthfulness
  • Product Description
    DaCHu/Zue-Chin (Past/Now) made of 100% natural LiChee and honey
  • Made by
    Wufeng Farmers Winery
  • Made in
    Wufeng, Taichung
  • Made with
    Lychee and honey
  • Alcohol Concentration
  • Volume
    300 ml
  • Storage
    Please place in shades and avoid direct sunlight
  • Weight and volume
    Each Tall 19.5cm/ Bottle top Diameter 2.5cm/ Bottle bottom Diameter 6.5cm
  • Quality standard
    Examined by SGS food laboratory and passed
  • Size
    Length 14cm Width 7cm Height 20.5cm
  • Customized Service
    Please call us if require customized gift box service.
    +886-2-27237511 ext.55
  • Special instructions
    It is normal for honey wine to be a little yellow, please do not worry.
    Better to chill before drinking, and finish the bottle as soon as possible after opened.